ACW Advocacy Pledge

Women Supporting Women at ACW

Women Supporting Women

ACW members have expressed a need for champions of women in the workplace and leadership, especially from a community of women who are growing in power, position and influence. That’s why we’ve asked our members and like-minded professionals to support the ACW Advocacy Pledge: “women supporting women.”

Our Pledge

“Behind Every Successful Woman is a Community of Successful Women Who Have Her Back.”

ACW Advocacy Supporting Channel Women

Show Your Support for the Pledge

The ACW Advocacy Pledge reminds us of the incredible impact we have on each other throughout our careers.

  • As a Rising Star building your career, you thrive with guidance, mentoring and encouragement from your role models at work and in your community
  • As a Woman in Leadership, you’re strengthened by the support and contribution of the talented women at all levels of your organization and industry

Whether you’re an ACW member or simply agree with our philosophy, please pledge and practice your support for women.

Recognizing Women Supporting Women

Recognize a Woman Who Is Living the Pledge

We all have been touched by the advocacy and influence of strong women during our careers. We want to recognize these individuals and encourage others to follow their example through the ACW EMPOWER Award: Honoring Women Advocating for Women (formerly the Big Impact Award).

If a woman has played a supportive role in your technology career, please tell us who she is and how she had your back.

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