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Alliance of Channel Women is excited to partner with Unstoppable Leadership to provide our members with affordable access to Unstoppable Women, a top-notch career coaching program designed specifically for women.

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Unstoppable Women is a coaching program for women who want to confidently step into their full potential, take the next step in their professional and personal growth journey and lead their lives, careers and teams from within – by overcoming what stands in their way.

Have you been struggling to level up in your career whether that is taking on the next role, getting the pay rise, or taking on the new challenge that really lights you up?

 Do you feel that you are meant to be doing more, or should have progressed further by now, and don’t understand why you haven’t yet achieved this?

Unstoppable Women is for you!

This life-changing program promises to help you identify your blind spots, clear them out, and take the next step while feeling more fulfillment, balance and joy in your life and career.

What’s included?

  • 8 weeks of 2-hour LIVE online training
  • 4 group coaching sessions
  • All worksheet exercises, tools and resources
  • Session recordings to revisit for 1 year
  • Lifetime Community Membership
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON: Two 1:1 coaching sessions at an introductory rate, which we recommend to both complement the program sessions, and get straight to the heart of things for you specifically as well as support you making transformational shifts

2024 Program Dates


May 14th to July 2nd


August 6th to September 24th

ACW Member Discount

As an ACW member, you are eligible for an incredible offer for a $300 discount to the program investment.
Use Promo Code: UWACW2024

Why Invest in You?

Former ACW President Cassie Jeppson says:

ACW's Mentoring Circles

Unstoppable Women was one of the best leadership courses I’ve ever participated in. Get out of your comfort zone, experience real growth and development, learn to get out of your own way and get the most authentic feedback of your career. I’d recommend this course and Rema’s coaching to anyone looking to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.”


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About the Instructor

Rema Lolas stands at the helm of Unstoppable Leadership, not just as its Founder and CEO but as its driving force, on a mission to revolutionize the very essence of leadership and team development. Her journey through the trenches of traditional leadership paths, marred by the hurdles of burnout and chronic fatigue, has not only shaped her resilience but also ignited a fierce determination to reshape leadership development.

From these personal challenges, and years of experience in leadership, enablement, and leadership development, a vision was born to create a new breed of leadership training. One that doesn’t just aim for good but strives for outstanding, all while honoring the well-being of each individual. With Unstoppable Leadership, Rema brings this vision to life, offering research and data-backed programs to drive high-performance and bespoke programs that empower clients to take bold steps forward. Her approach is deeply rooted in self-leadership, and inside-out leadership — the belief that true leadership begins within and radiates outward, influencing teams and entire organizations.

Are you ready to become unstoppable?

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