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Grow your business through collaboration with leaders in telecom.



Purposeful Empowerment

The Alliance of Channel Women offers unique opportunities for women to easily and effectively contribute to our organization through volunteerism, networking and collaboration. We encourage women to speak up and stand out to advance their personal growth and career goals. Active participation in our respective committees has given our members a competitive edge in their professional lives.

A Culture of Leadership

We uplift and encourage women to leverage their personal strengths by seeking committee leadership positions. We are proactive in our approach to position members effectively based on their skills, offering leadership opportunities that fine tune their business ideas and decision-making processes. Our members are equipped with effective strategies that empower them to grow as individuals while contributing to the development of the technology channel’s healthy gender climate.


Creating a community for learning and collaboration for women in the technology channel


Advocating for a healthy gender climate in the technology channel


Enabling and empowering women in the technology channel to lead through volunteerism


Recognizing the accomplishments of women in the technology channel

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