Want to Advance in Your Career? Seek Out a Mentor

Jul 22, 2020

By Mayka Rosales-Peterson

Have you wanted to grow in your career, but didn’t know where to turn? I’ve been in that position before, and it wasn’t a great feeling. I didn’t have a mentor in those moments of my life, and I often felt confused about the next steps to gain further knowledge in my field.

Fast forward to the present day, and I have several mentors that I reach out to regularly, even a couple who are members of the Alliance of Channel Women! My mentors have been instrumental in my life by offering me guidance and opening my mind to new perspectives. I wouldn’t have the mindset that I do today without them.

Having a mentor is one of the most important keys to success in your career, and it can elevate your professional capabilities, confidence, and opportunities.

Mentoring generally involves a learning relationship between two people. They usually will share a vocational connection, which consists of sharing of advice, knowledge and experience in a supportive and confidential environment.

Finding a Mentor

If you want to find a mentor, start by looking in your immediate network. Is there someone that you admire at your organization? Is there someone whose career seems like the one you would want? Reach out to that person, invite them to have coffee or lunch and ask for their career advice.

When I have reached out to the people that I admired for guidance, they almost always wanted to help and agreed to meet with me.

If the person with whom you’d like to connect is not in your network, look them up on LinkedIn. See if you have a mutual friend who may introduce you and help start up a conversation. If you don’t have a shared connection, you can reach out directly through a well-crafted message.

ACW also has great mentorship programs for members as well! ACW has a traditional one-on-one Mentoring Program that’s conducted in short sprints. And, this year, the organization launched Mentoring Circles for group discussions.

When you meet with your mentor, make sure to have a clear outline of the questions that you want to be answered. Let him/her know the next time you would like to meet and the frequency of those meetings.

A mentor/mentee relationship can be very rewarding, and both sides can gain so much!

About the Author

Mayka Rosales-Peterson is Channel Marketing Coordinator for Telesystem. She also is Co-chair of the ACW Communications Committee and a member of the Membership Committee. Rosales-Peterson is an experienced marketing and sales professional with more the seven years of work history driving new customers and revenue growth. Her expertise is in building and enhancing brand awareness, engaging stakeholders and motivating cross-functional teams to achieve shared goals.