How Dual-Career Couples Make It Work

Dec 19, 2019

Leaders Always Learning this week is about dual income couple’s recipe for success. This Harvard Business Article offers us insights through stories of couples who weren’t getting it right, and what’s required for dual career couples to really thrive. The recipe includes open communication, it includes a balancing act of deliberate choices, and it also includes honest difficult conversations along the way.

Read the full article, How Dual-Career Couples Make It Work, on Harvard Business Review.


About the Author
Theresa Caragol is founder and CEO, AchieveUnite Inc., a strategic consulting and education firm that provides channel, partnering and business acceleration services to global enterprises. AchieveUnite offers partner and channel development, go-to-market strategy, M&A channel integration, and executive education forums. AchieveUnite facilitates the Alliance of Channel Women’s ACE Leadership Program. Caragol has more than 20 years’ experience in building and managing multimillion-dollar indirect channel teams and strategic alliance programs from inception to sales success.