You Can Be an Authentic Leader!

Aug 22, 2019

Think about an amazing leader that you look up to or one that has helped you along the way in your career. What 2-3 qualities do they possess? Do they hold themselves accountable? Do they empower others? Are they passionate about why they do the things that they do? Are they authentic in their actions? Do their values and beliefs match yours? Do they do the right thing or do they do things right? Are they emotionally intelligent (EQ)? When someone first told me that they found me to be an inspirational leader, I was humbled but also floored at the same time. How could someone who never spoke up in class and always followed others, be a leader? They saw a genuine and fair leader who was always encouraging and empowering others. They viewed me as an inspirational and driven leader; one who they would want to work with again. As I reflect back, part of me had it in me all along and part of me had a lot to learn.

While I am continuously learning and honing my leadership and EQ skills, I find this Harvard Business Review article very insightful on the fundamentals of being a great leader. It’s an important reminder that some qualities never go out of style.

Nancy Reynolds