Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work – December 20th Conference Call

Dec 7, 2018


Women notice, value and connect the dots in organizations, yet their vision is often undervalued or dismissed. Women have “broad spectrum notice” that creates a holistic picture but puts women at a disadvantage to the “privileging of numbers” that determines how organizations reward, recognize achievement, build incentives and decide promotions using definitions of worth that reflect an all-male industrial leadership culture.  This outdated model not only drives highly qualified women out of organizations but impacts decision-making and the development of strategies that could prevent failures and lead to greater success. By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Describe the findings of the research on female vision
  • Identify the steps that women need to take to increase their perceived value

Explain what organizations must do to create the conditions for women to be effective


Kari Uman, President of Uman Resource Associates, is a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) coach who helps leaders create a more powerful presence. Kari’s expertise is helping newly promoted female leaders make the transition to their new position with increased confidence, presence, and the political savvy to achieve results. Kari helps them examine the myths and beliefs inhibiting their potential, develop both positive techniques and strategies that enhance their success and helps them maximize their effectiveness as leaders.

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