Why Membership Matters to Shilo Lusson

Mar 30, 2020

ACW is home to a vibrant community of channel professionals from across the country. We enjoy getting to know them at our in-person events and are happy to introduce you to them in this recurring Membership Matters Q&A. This month we’re getting to know ACW member Shilo Lusson, Director of Events & Project Management for BuzzTheory, a full-service marketing agency serving high-tech companies and with a specialization in channel marketing.

Lusson is an accomplished events marketing executive, having managed programs large and small for leading brands in telecom, IT and technology services, and in the health care supplements industry. In addition to managing large-scale events, some serving attendees in the tens of thousands, she has developed and executed a range of niche specialty marketing and education programs aimed at the development of sales distribution channels, revenue generation and brand awareness. At BuzzTheory, Shilo manages client events and marketing projects, and helps rapidly growing companies develop scalable processes across their marketing activities.

Lusson also is the Chair of ACW’s Events Planning Committee and a recipient of the 2019 ACW ACT Award for outstanding volunteers. 

Why did you join ACW?

I joined ACW to grow my network within the channel industry.

What do you hope to get from and to give to ACW membership?

I hope to gain knowledge about different parts of the industry by networking with amazing women.  I hope to give everyone great experiences at the events so they can learn and prosper.

Are you a committee volunteer? 

Yes, since I joined ACW, I’ve been a member, Co-chair and now Chair of the Events Committee.

What do you get from your committee participation?

I enjoy collaborating with the other women, getting ideas and making all of the puzzle pieces fit.

What difficulty have you overcome that impacted your career for the better?

This is my first time living and working through a health pandemic that is hitting the events industry hard.  I’m really learning what that force majeure clause in event contracts is for.

If you were to give yourself advice when you graduated from high school, what would it be?

Don’t get stuck on the negativity that others bring — just stay your course.

What’s the best book – fiction or nonfiction – that you’ve read recently and why?

“Tomorrow: Adventures in an Uncertain World” by Bradley Trevor Greive.  I’m not much or a reader, but this one is short, funny, inspiring and has the best pictures.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy hiking, trail running and soccer. We’re also an avid motorsports family.  I ride a quad and my boyfriend and sons all ride and race dirt bikes.

What is one personal and one professional goal you have in the next five years?

My personal goal is to live a life that is freer and less scheduled. Professionally, I’d like to one day own and operate my own events management company.

The ACW Membership Matters program is managed by ACW Communications Committee Member Anne McConnell, founder and president of The Stone Group. For information, contact pr@allianceofchannelwomen.org.