Why Membership Matters to Jasmina Muller

Apr 27, 2022

ACW is home to a vibrant community of channel professionals from across the country. We enjoy getting to know them at our in-person events and are happy to introduce you to them in this recurring Membership Matters Q&A. This month, we’re getting to know Jasmina Muller, Vice President of Global Channel Partnerships at Everbridge, which provides critical event management solutions through its enterprise-scale CEM platform.

Jasmina Muller is an accomplished channel executive with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. She has received several channel awards, including CRN Channel Chief 2022, CRN 5 Star Channel Partner Program and 2022 Channel Partners Circle of Excellence. Muller is currently serving as ACW’s Vice President and has served on the ACW board and as Chair of the Sponsorship Committee.

Why did you join ACW?

I joined ACW over five years ago to meet new women and to have the ability to learn from other leading women in the channel industry.  Since joining, I have had the honor of being a part of an amazing tribe of strong, dedicated, supportive and professional women who have challenged me, mentored me and provided a safe space to grow in my career and learn that failure is not a bad thing, but more of how you will succeed in your professional and personal life.

What do you hope to get from and to give to ACW membership?

Over the years, I started as a member, learning about ACW and what we provide back to our members and community.  I wanted to do so much more than sit back and watch, so I joined a committee to provide my support for the organization.  I was the Co-chair of the sponsorship committee and the Chair soon after. Being a part of a committee helped me learn more about what we do to support our sponsors and what they can do for the organization.  I have met so many new women and men while I served on that committee and have made many new friends.

Are you a committee volunteer?

I was the Co-chair of the sponsorship committee and, soon after, the Chair lead for over two years.

What do you get from your committee participation?  

During my time, I was able to add additional volunteers, support and assist on the sponsorship committee, and grow our sponsorship donations year over year.  It is such a good feeling to know you have an amazing group of volunteers to support a good cause, and that is not only securing donations but meeting new people and being able to be a part of something bigger together.  I have met so many new women and men while I served on that committee who are now an extended family.

What difficulty have you overcome that impacted your career for the better?

The biggest challenge that I have faced was starting with a new company and building a new channel organization and program from the ground up–during the pandemic! I have learned so much during the past two and a half years with the support from so many–internally within Everbridge and externally from my mentors, my extended channel family, and countless others.  But even with these challenges, the one thing I didn’t do was give up!  It showed me that I am surrounded by so many individuals in the channel community who provide guidance and support to keep you going even in the most challenging times.

If you were to give yourself advice when you graduated from high school, what would it be?

Don’t rush into something just because you NEED TO.  Many of us, including me, had no clue what we wanted “to be when they grow up.” Take the time to know what your passion is, what your strength is and what makes you get out of bed that makes you feel good.  Everyone has a passion for something, and you need to own it and move with it.  Once you find it, don’t ever give up on it, and most importantly, do not listen to others saying, “that’s not going to happen, do you know how much time and effort it will take”  or even, “ I can’t see you doing that, doesn’t seem like you are capable of doing that.”  And even worse, letting yourself think you can or are not capable of doing it.  I can’t tell you how many times I had doubted myself when I was younger and didn’t do what I thought I wasn’t able to.  As I grew up, I started surrounding myself with influential individuals, whether male or female; learning by listening was how it made sense and who I am today.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love to be outside when I can.  I love running, and I work out every morning to start my day.  On the weekends, I find time to run around the beach or some nearby trails to take a lot of the workload off my mind.

What is one personal and one professional goal you have in the next five years?

Great question-as far as personal, be able to travel internationally.  I have always wanted to visit Australia, and now I am also adding New Zeeland to that wish.  I want to see the different cultures and take some time to relax away from the busy day-to-day life.  From a professional standpoint, I look to continue to grow within my career and learn from it with every step I take to get there. So much more to learn, and with the amazing women that I have by my side, guiding me, mentoring me, I look forward to those next steps in my career.