Why ACW Membership Matters to AnnaMarie Cappellino

Apr 23, 2019


The Alliance of Channel Women exists at the pleasure of our members. That’s why we love to learn more about members like AnnaMarie Capellino in this recurring ACW Member Q&A.

Cappellino is a national account manager for Effortless Office, an all-in-one business cloud solution provider. With more than 15 years’ experience in sales and account management, Capellino is responsible for developing and nurturing Effortless Office’s existing client base. She’s an Alumni of California State University San Marcos, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in Sociology. While attending CSUSM, she was actively involved in Sigma Iota Epsilon, a National Honorary and Professional Management Society. Capellino lives in San Diego, is married with two children and loves being outdoors with her family.

Who influenced you in your early years to become a leader in your own life, and what did they do for you?  

My earliest and most prominent influencers that have helped me become a leader in my own life would be my parents. My mom was a young, single parent for the first few years of my life. Instead of succumbing to life’s challenges, my mom was determined to make the best life possible for us by working multiple jobs and taking night classes at the local city college for general studies. My own strength and work ethic are a reflection of her commitment and perseverance that she has always displayed throughout my life. My stepfather, who has been my father since I was 5, has always been my No. 1 supporter. He’s my biggest professional inspiration in that he has had a successful sales career with the same company for over 35 years. He has exemplified that you can achieve anything when you have the commitment, loyalty and determination to excel. My father has continuously believed in me, even when I may have lacked confidence in my own abilities. Today, my parents’ influence continues to be my lighthouse in life.

What difficulty have you overcome that impacted your career for the better?  

After nearly 11 years with the same company, I found myself desiring more professional growth and a new opportunity for change. I realized that I had met my full potential in my current position and no longer felt challenged. I made the difficult decision to leave after a successful tenure and this was a decision that was not supported by my management team and fellow colleagues, as I was well-respected and in a senior position with our company. We were not only a team, but we had become a family. One of the more difficult aspects of leaving was having to say goodbye to the almost 600 accounts that I personally managed. Not only did I foster a business relationship with my clients, but we built a friendship throughout the years. I knew about their families and monumental life events. I still actively keep in touch with my old colleagues and clients and value those relationships tremendously.

Being fully transparent, transitioning into the channel has been one my most challenging career changes, but I am committed to being successful for myself and Effortless Office. With that being said, after my first 8 months with Effortless office, I was promoted to the National Account Manager position. I am thankful for taking the risk and allowing myself to be vulnerable to change, which clearly has been for the better. Onward and Upward!

Why did you join ACW and what do you hope to get from your membership?

I joined Alliance of Channel Women because I recognize the value of supporting and empowering women. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to network and learn from these incredibly inspiring female leaders within our industry.

What advice would you give to someone new to the channel?

Being new to the channel myself, my advice to a fellow newbie is that you will be experiencing one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers. It will take perseverance and dedication to be successful. Always ask questions, network and never stop learning.

Where do you see the women in our industry thriving? 

I believe that there are no limits to the growth potential for women within our industry. We have the ability to define our own success. So what are you waiting for?

How are you positioning yourself to stay relevant and support your clients in the coming year? 

I am positioning myself to stay relevant by taking advantage of every learning opportunity that is available through my colleagues, company resources, networking and attendance of channel events. Learning is an endlessly evolving process. In order to effectively support my clients, I need to foster those relationships, listen to their needs and continuously grow my knowledge base.

When have you helped another women gain confidence and connection? What happened? 

I personally relate this to being a co-leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. I understand the importance of the Girl Scout organization and their mission, “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.” In my role, my influence is valuable in helping empower these girls early on by showing them they can be young female leaders. It is an extraordinarily proud feeling to see how their confidence grows each year through our activities and lessons.

What can we do to prepare ourselves for the changes that are coming to our industry? 

Change is inevitable in our industry. Therefore, it’s important that you continue developing, evolving and learning in order to remain relevant.