What’s Your Value Proposition? – November 15th Conference Call

Oct 31, 2018


Talking about her capabilities can seem a lot like bragging to a woman. Yet, every brand needs to communicate why it is the best solution over the competition. If you can’t explain what you do and why it is important, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you!

Please join us for this program by Jean Stafford, The Executive Coach for Women, that presents a model for developing your message and the skills you need for smart self-promotion:

  1. Why the quality of your work means LESS than being seen or known
  2. How to identify your unique brand
  3. How to claim ownership of your ideas and manage your own publicity

This webinar – on Thursday, November 15, at 4pm ET/1pm PT – is open to all #WomenInTech, so please share this email with your friends and encourage them to become a part of the Alliance of Channel Women community.


Jean’s coaching talents are no mistake. They have been learned… the hard way. Not through textbooks but through a combination of 15 years of corporate sales and management experience and another 15 years as an executive coach and leadership consultant. Her ability to identify a common vision, energize people to action, and facilitate positive results are what has accelerated her career and positioned her as a dominant leader in today’s rapidly expanding executive coaching market.

Recognized as an expert on the issues facing professional women, Jean has worked with a long list of corporate and professional organizations delivering keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and other public presentations. She has hosted a series of online chats as a career adviser for WashingtonPost.com and AOL. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Investor’s Business Daily, The Chicago Sun, Working Woman magazine and other print and online publications. Additionally, she has appeared as a guest on talk radio and television programs.  With extensive professional training in public speaking and theatre, Jean is at once entertaining and substantive.

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