More than Vegas: Why Outreach Matters

Sep 20, 2017

By: Amanda Wirt – National Channel Manager, Telco Holdings
As a member of Women in the Channel’s Membership Committee, I witnessed a shift in our approach to creating tangible value in our membership. I have heard many times that one of the most prominent reasons women become less active in WIC is, “If you don’t go to Vegas, there’s nothing else.” I am writing today to say, this is not true!

As membership has grown, WiC’s national presence has naturally grown as well. Women in the Channel is not a West or East Coast organization. It has a national presence, with many networking events and leadership seminars across the country. I may not have been able to attend a WiC event in California, but through the Outreach Committee, I was able to put some East Coast flavor on the Telecom Exchange NYC conference in June. Being a WiC member is valuable to me because members are encouraged to be individuals, while sticking to the core values and tenets of WiC.In doing this, we are connected with women across the country we may never have had the pleasure to work with otherwise.

I was lucky enough to see the beginnings of WiC’s Outreach Committee. Over the past year, Outreach Committee co-chairs, Nancy Ridge and Hilary Gadda, have collaborated to create and execute the vision of the outreach program: to connect business with business, to educate and empower future female leaders to recognize their value, and to encourage them to find and use mentors.

Outreach has become an avenue for those who seek both networking and educational events. We participate in multiple events throughout the year with Signature WiC presentations like “Confidence and Connections, Elevating Each Other.” This message inspires professional female leaders to recognize and address the confidence gap, a major barrier to women advancing in their careers. We have expanded upon this message in the WOTC Career Pursuits Workshop for female high school and college students. This presentation, held in December of this year, will hopefully open doors of opportunity that help young girls and women power through the external and internal barriers they face in male dominated industries. Together we make a difference in our own lives and touch the lives of other women and girls as well. Consider the Outreach Committee and get the most out of your WiC membership, just as I have!

Amanda Wirt is National Channel Manager for Telco Holdings, Inc. and is a member of the WiC Outreach Committee.