Uncover Hidden Behaviors Stalling Your Career Growth – July 18, 2024 Webinar

Jul 8, 2024

Hidden behaviors—operating beneath the surface of your awareness—can significantly impede your career growth. These behaviors, which are rooted in fear, ego and unproductive narratives, often create blind spots that lead to self-sabotage.

In this session, learn how to elevate your career trajectory by uncovering hidden behaviors that may be stalling your growth. We’ll discuss subtle yet powerful habits and behaviors and share practical strategies for self-reflection, receiving constructive feedback and adopting a growth mindset to overcome these barriers. Don’t let these hidden obstacles hold you back any longer — join us and take the first step towards leadership excellence and career advancement today!

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Date: July 18, 2024
Time: 10 AM PT/1 PM ET

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Jaquelin Jenkins, Principal Advisor, JNJ Advisory
Jaquelin Jenkins is a dynamic and multifaceted cybersecurity professional with a diverse background in politics, technology, cybersecurity and the hemp industry. Her superpower is an understanding of the global technology ecosystem and the value of strategic partnerships.

Jaquelin serves as the Principal Advisor for JNJ Advisory, where she collaborates with trusted partners to ensure midmarket and enterprise clients receive top-notch consulting. Her expertise in cybersecurity and compliance allows her to orchestrate projects that deliver intelligent, focused IT security planning and budgeting.

An advocate for diversity and STEM education, Jaquelin founded a Girls Who Code club at Neighbor2Neighbor in Raleigh, NC. She’s a founding member of the Alliance of Channel Women (ACW) Triangle Local Chapter in Raleigh. She also serves on ACW’s Events, Mentoring and Education committees.

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Rema Lolas, Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Leadership
Rema Lolas is Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Leadership, which helps bridge the gap to high performance for teams and individuals. After an extensive career in the tech channel, holding global and regional leadership positions, Rema is on a mission to revolutionize leadership and team development.

Her journey through traditional leadership paths, marked by the challenges of burnout and chronic fatigue, has shaped her resilience and ignited a determination to transform leadership development. Drawing from her personal experiences and years of expertise in leadership, enablement and development, Rema envisions a new breed of leadership development and training. Her innovative approach strives for outstanding results while honoring the well-being of each individual.

Rema is also an active member of the Alliance of Channel Women (ACW), serving as an ACW Education Committee member and ACW Strategic Partner, leading the Unstoppable Women career coaching program.

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