Transformational DE&I: Women in Leadership and Why it Matters

Jan 27, 2022

From increasing cross-functional collaboration and enhancing production, to inspiring organizational dedication, the benefits of having women in the workplace are well-documented. Female leaders bring to the workplace a unique perspective of leadership-related traits and behaviors that provide massive advantages to their respective organizations.

However, there is no secret that across geographies and income levels, there are many disparities that still exist between men and women in the form of pay gaps, uneven opportunities for advancement, and unbalanced representation in important decision-making within their organizations.

Women make up almost half (47 percent) of the U.S. workforce, but they hold less than one-third (28 percent) of the leadership positions in tech. That low level of representation predates COVID-19.

There are many barriers still, but those organizations that have women in leadership positions have seen many increases to their bottom lines. Here are a few benefits to having female leadership in organizations.

  1. Women leaders can provide better mentorship – Especially for the younger generation, the power of role models cannot be overlooked. Regardless of a person’s gender, all people need someone who will guide them to progress in their careers. Specifically, for mentoring and coaching young talent, women leaders are better mentors than men.
  2. Women are good for DE&I initiatives – The benefits of diversity are evident. Female executives are not only effective leaders but are also essential to your business’s overall growth and profitability.
  3. The enhancement of teamwork – Women make strategic decisions as leaders; this helps make the team environment less authoritative and more collaborative.
  4. Companies achieve a better financial outcome – According to a survey in the New York Times, the presence of women on corporate boards and in senior management positions is directly tied to company performance. Profitable firms that moved from no female leadership to 30% percent representation in upper management saw on average a 15 percent increase in their net revenue margin.

Women, if you are in a role where you can mentor other women, be that voice and that champion to lift the next generation. We are stronger when we all help and give each other a seat at the table. If you’re looking for more women leaders to hire, reach out to the Alliance of Channel Women.

About the Author

Mayka Rosales-Peterson is Senior Program Manager at AppSmart. She also is a member of the ACW Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the ACW DE&I Committee. Rosales-Peterson is an experienced marketing and sales professional with more than a decade of work history driving new customers and revenue growth. Her expertise is in building and enhancing brand awareness, engaging stakeholders, and motivating cross-functional teams to achieve shared goals.