There’s Gold in Those Hills, May 2014 Conference Call with Nancy Ridge

May 22, 2014

Listen to Nancy as she talks about upselling your current customer base.

Click Here for Nancy Ridge’s presentation, “There’s Gold in Those Hills – Upselling Your Current Customer Base”

About Nancy Ridge

Nancy Ridge has served national and key accounts in the telecommunications and utility industries for 20 years, serving in senior management positions.

Nancy joined Telecom Brokers in 2005 with a vision for creating a strong network of successful agents, engaged vendor partners and high performing employees. Focusing on building authentic relationships while automating the processes created an environment for growth of over 300%. As a Board Member for Channel Partners in 2010-2011 and a co-founder of the Women in the Channel telecommunications group, Nancy is active in shaping the telecom channel as a leader in the industry. Nancy continues to strive for excellence in the dynamic and highly competitive telecom sector, never losing sight of her underlying philosophy to be of service and have fun!