Tap Into the Power of Your ACW Network – June 22, 2023 Webinar

Jun 9, 2023

Discover the untapped potential within your network and set yourself on the path to success with our webinar, “Tap Into the Power of Your ACW Network.” In this informative session, we’ll equip you with actionable strategies to harness the full potential of your connections and expand your network for greater opportunities. Get ready to tap into the power of networking and embark on a transformative journey toward achieving your goals.


  • Explore the incredible benefits of building a strong network, from career advancement to personal development.
  • Learn practical techniques for building authentic relationships, leveraging social media platforms, and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • Identify and connect with influential individuals in your industry or areas of interest for enhanced opportunities.
  • Discover digital tools and platforms that can amplify your networking efforts and provide access to valuable insights.
  • Overcome common challenges and misconceptions about networking to build confidence and forge lasting connections.
  • Nurture and maintain relationships within your network for long-term support and growth.

Join us for this engaging webinar and unlock the hidden power of your network. Embrace the potential for success and take charge of your professional and personal journey.

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Date: June 22, 2023
Time: 4 PM EST (1 PM PST)

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Kathleen A Martin, Principal and Founder, Marketing by the Bite

Kathleen Martin, principal at Marketing by the Bite, has carved a distinguished career spanning 20 years as an awarded marketer, most notably known for her work in promoting women in technology. Kathleen’s professional passion lies in resolving the puzzles of revenue growth, harnessing emerging technologies, and workforce advancement. On a personal note, she thoroughly enjoys leveraging her energetic nature and extensive network to make a meaningful impact. An energetic networking professional, she brings a relentless drive and fervor to every venture she undertakes.

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Kathryn Rose, Founder and CEO, channelWise

Kathryn Rose is the founding CEO of channelWise, a technology platform that provides channel partners access to vetted been there done that experts for 1:1 consultations to help them go farther, faster in their business.

She is a former Wall Street executive sales leader and an author of 9 books. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, CBS Marketwatch, Fox News and more. She was recently named Worth Magazine Top 100 Entrepreneurs, Forbes Top 1000 innovators and a member of the prestigious Nasdaq Milestone Makers program.

Kathryn is a highly sought after speaker at leading global industry events–Google, IBM, Dell Technologies, Women in Tech Summit and the Grace Hopper Celebration. Kathryn has received accolades for her vision, commitment, and leadership including the CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology Mentor of the Year Spotlight award and more.

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