Quick Start to Social Media, March 2014 Conference Call with Marisa Warren

Mar 20, 2014

Listen in on Marisa’s call to learn how to build your brand & business, why social media should be implemented, how to begin your social media journey and 6 Key Steps to Success!

Click Here for Marisa Warren’s presentation, “Quick Start to Social Media”.

About Marisa Warren

Marisa Warren the CEO & Founder of CAVALO Consulting, is an inspiring global leader and ‘highly awarded’ results orientated top performer, with a successful sales and marketing track record selling direct to customers, through and to a channel.

With 18 years experience working for companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Telstra and the IT&T Channel, Marisa has helped build high performance sales and marketing teams, accelerate revenue growth and transition to new business models (ERP, CRM, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data) across the America’s, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

As an innovator and change agent, Marisa has built pipelines, marketing and sales programs, teams, brands and businesses from the ground up, whilst helping the organization to manage change and transition to new approaches. Starting with the right strategy, Marisa’s unrelenting focus on execution, achieving results and continuous improvement, ensures Marisa and her team maintain focus to deliver sustained, repeatable and profitable growth.