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Oct 12, 2016

In today’s increasingly digital world, developing your professional brand online can help you achieve your goals, whether becoming an industry expert or selling your company’s product or service.  This session will give you best practices on how to leverage LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional network, to help build or strength your professional brand.
October 27th 10AM PST, join Kelsey Garvey, Customer Success Consultant of LinkedIn, to discuss strengthening your professional brand.

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kelsey_garvey_oct-2016-confcallKelsey is a digital marketing and sales professional who consults on why professional brand matters and how LinkedIn is a useful tool to build/ strengthen it.  Her entire career has been dedicated to digital – first at Ogilvy, now LinkedIn – and interests lie in how different technologies can help us achieve our professional goals.

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For more info on LinkedIn, visit https://business.linkedin.com.