Pride, Role Models, and Allies – June 17, 2021 Webinar

May 27, 2021

In this webinar, we will be speaking with telecom industry leaders who influence the diversity agenda, support the LGBT+ community, and demonstrate a commitment to future action. There will be a deeper dive in discussing support systems and why role models and allies are critical to LGBT+  inclusion at work and at home.

  • Role models to our panelists and leading LGBT+ executives
  • Education, cultivating allies (breaking down the barriers and building a more inclusive company/peers/friendships/family)
  • Creating a safe and welcoming environment in the workplace with your peers


Nikki Beck, Nate James, Bridget Kang, and Kathy Phelps

I am not an expert on this topic, but I know that by moderating and listening to our panelists, I will be walking away understanding a lot more than before the conversation started. I want to take that approach with our audience too and cultivate, continue to support the LGBT+ community and initiatives.

Lauren Grenier | LinkedIn

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