Pride in the Channel Leadership and Allyship – June 30, 2022 Webinar

Jun 24, 2022

Join Kathryn Rose, Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham, Paulette Pinero and Ken Westermann to celebrate Pride month and discuss the importance of allyship and inclusiveness.

You will learn:

  • What does allyship mean
  • Proper use of pronouns, gender identification (or not)
  • Workplace challenges
  • Generational challenges
  • Making safe spaces and creating opportunities

The panel will be moderated by Kathryn Rose, CEO of channelWise, an ACW partner.


Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham, Paulette Pinero, Ken Westermann

About Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham

A lawyer by training, Valerie is a strategic and big picture thinker. She brings creativity, joy, and excellence to her work, creating transformational equity change. Valerie has a gift for nurturing learning dialogue, brave conversations, and inspiring equity leadership. She is an innovator and natural collaborator who works across many sectors. She is a skillful facilitator, coach, and trainer who connects with people at all levels of an organization. She is an equity and leadership coach to C-Suites, leadership teams, and rising leaders of color across the United States and Mexico. Valerie has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and French Literature from Boston College and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law. Valerie is a proud immigrant from Mexico and a fluent Spanish and French speaker. Valerie is a mom to two teenagers, a son who is 16 and a non-binary child who is 18.

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About Paulette Pinero

I am on a mission to get leaders of color the job, business, and pay they want through transformational content, personalized coaching, and strategy consulting to create a world where leadership is diverse, purpose-driven, and joyful. I also own LEAD Media LLC, a boutique management and strategy consulting firm.

I have over 15 years of experience in leadership positions in the non-profit field. I am skilled in Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Development, Employee Management/Coaching (in-person and remote), DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Inter-generational Programming, and Technical Writing.

In addition to leadership coaching, I provide consulting services to companies looking to redesign their remote work culture and develop equitable and inclusive talent strategies. In my spare time, you can find me working on my podcast, reading a fiction novel, or playing with my kids, Alex and Sofia.

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About Ken Westermann

Ken is a native of the Midwest, completing both his undergrad and graduate school at the University of Wisconsin.  During his time in Wisconsin, Ken became active both on campus and off in promoting equality while studying Political Science and Sociology with a focus on promoting Gay Equality and Marriage Rights and volunteering on the campaign of Congresswoman and future US Senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin.

Ken spent seven years on a local LGBTQ+ FLAG Football board in Boston in his free time.  During that time, the league and its exposure grew from just under 100 players to more than 400 players competing locally and nationally. What most excited Ken about his time on the Board was not only growing the local league but helping to launch a sister city in Providence, RI. He created the Marc E Lewis scholarship foundation for students entering higher education who have impacted LGBTQ+ activities within their school and helped to usher in a relationship with the New England Patriots via the Kraft Foundation. This relationship has blossomed locally and spawned six other NFL cities sponsoring local LGBTQ+ flag football organizations and has spread even further to the NFL, recognizing the work being done and allowing the NGFFL to announce the 87th selection in this year’s draft.

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