Mental Health in the Workplace: Personalize Your Understanding of Stress Management – Sept 23, 2021 Webinar

Aug 25, 2021

In this webinar, grow mentally stronger with yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist Mia Sarno MSHN. Equip your mind with a new framework for determining your stress levels so you can prevent burn out and ride life’s waves with ease. During our time together you’ll learn practical tools for mindfulness, establish your baseline habitual stress patterns, and consider practical tools and remedies that make life lighter and brighter naturally.

Top Takeaways:

– Experience a stress relief technique you can do at your desk
– Observe your unique patterns of stress and where they hold your creativity hostage
– Expand your knowledge for natural stress relief remedies


Mia Sarno began her health journey after a medical trauma left her skin clear but her digestion destroyed. It started by learning to eat high nutrient foods, avoiding fast and cheap options, and keeping it simple — healing properties grown in the ground.Then in 2013, a near-death hot air balloon crash turned life upside down and Mia expanded her mental health awareness, denied traditional regiments and used mindfulness to overcome stress, anxiety, and trauma. After traveling to 13 countries, understanding the Social Politics of Food at the University of Kent U.K Mia completed her Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition combining biochemical individuality with mental strength through yoga philosophy. Today, the Well Fed Warrior System personalizes health and supports busy professionals with virtual holistic health coaching. Mia is a member of Yoga Alliance and the International Society of Female Professionals and Heal.Me collaborating for
research, health entertainment and advocacy.

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