How to Make Your Own Luck – A Member Poll

Mar 23, 2017


Tips and Tricks for the Workplace


March, being Women’s History Month, was an important month for women. We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th; on that day, many of us protested or cheered on other women who participated in “A Day Without A Woman” to illustrate just how much power and sway women have on the modern economy and/or the March on Washington, where women and their allies marched for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people.

There is an awakening among us. We are beginning to realize that, along with holding the purse strings of our economy, we have the power to impact the nation and world – for better or for worse – with our actions. During this month’s issue, Time Magazine reminded us that, without women, the nation’s children would only have a quarter of the usual teaching staff available. The majority of college classrooms would be empty, along with dentist’s offices, hospitals, and cash registers. Let us not forget that on top of their professional lives, women do the majority of household chores and volunteer work in their communities.

Organizations like Women in the Channel are leading the charge in bringing like-minded women together, creating a support network and safe place to learn and grow. So in the spirit of March, we bring a handful of ideas or strategies for common challenges in our industry – advise on how to make your own luck, to set yourself up for success, and shine like the fine woman that you are.


How do you recover from a tough sales call with a potential client?

I often find that over-scrutinizing a call is non-beneficial. After a particularly rough sales call, I will review my notes, follow up on any action items, and then move on from the call until my daily wrap up. It does no good to simmer over the call, or let it replay in your head, which takes time away from your next task at hand. Yoga and meditation has helped me a lot in that respect: let it go, what’s happened in the past, to make room for what’s to come (whether that be in your day or your sales funnel).

Morgan Granfield, National Channel Manager, Birch

I would quickly regroup my thoughts. Think of the glass half full vs half empty. Collaborate with my team on action items that can turn the opportunity around. Also, I would confide in my mentor to gather ideas and best practices that she has used in the past in this situations as talking it through always allows a fresh point of view.

Cathe Shandle, Regional Channel Director, Broadvoice


You were planning on collaborating with your colleague on a long flight, but guess what, you are no longer seated together and the flight is full, how do you change your luck?

I would politely ask the person next to me or next to my colleague if they would mind switching seats with one of us so we can work on a project for work together. If they say no, I would have my colleague logon to our video conference client that we use as a company and we can collaborate via the video with headphones. If that doesn’t work I would discuss with my colleague what tasks we are each responsible for then once completed we could review together an combine efforts.

Laura Bella, Channel Sales Manager, NetCarrier Telecom

​Fly Virgin America – you can chat seat-to-seat on their in-flight console! Or make your own luck by politely asking to switch seats so you can be next to your colleague.

Helene Kidary, Vice President Channel Sales, OnSip

I am all about sweet-talking other passengers. Sometimes a free drink or offer to buy a movie makes all the difference. Sometimes a smile is all it takes! If all else fails, buy the wifi and Skype or message back and forth!

Amy Bailey, Vice President of Marketing, Telarus


Your Marketing isn’t working anymore, what steps do you take to increase engagement?

Short answer, stop trying todo it all yourself…… I felt like our marketing had flat lined a bit, I took a look at competitors’ websites and decided what I liked and more importantly what I didn’t like. Took my lists (both) and went shopping for a new marketing company. The most important thing for us was to get our message out there and still remain ourselves. There seems to be an enormous amount of the same old generic thing old there and we didn’t want that so we hired a new company, they took our likes and dislikes and compiled them Into a new marketing plan for us, it is still a work in progress but I LOVE IT. It was a bit out of my comfort zone to give up control but I must say it was a great decision.

Angie Tocco, Co-Founder, LanYap Networks

If my marketing stops working I would call some key partners and ask for advice. Ask them what they are responding to and what is garnering their interest. I would also look at how I am being marketed to and see if I can apply those methods in my company.

Amy Bailey, Vice President of Marketing, Telarus

Change things up think outside the box. Unique ideas are always great method to spark interest. For example, a special surprise marketing piece. (Gift card for a meeting)

Cathe Shandle, Regional Channel Director, Broadvoice


You’re biggest client hasn’t returned your calls in two weeks and you don’t know why, how do you stay positive?

I think sometimes women are too timid to just ask the question. If I couldn’t reach my client after two weeks of attempts, I would be direct: “Is everything okay on your end? I haven’t been able to reach you in a couple weeks, and I’m starting to worry about you. Shoot me a response so I know all is well with you.” Just something to let them know that I care about them, and not just the revenue they’re bringing me.

Morgan Granfield, National Channel Manager, Birch 


The day of an appointment you’ve been planning for 6 months arrives, and your child is sick, what bad luck, what do you do?

I always like to include my technical resources as well as my director and arrange for my team to make the meeting on my behalf and if the situation permits I can always join virtually as we are in the communications industry.

Cathe Shandle, Regional Channel Director, Broadvoice

Let your spouse take the sick kid, and run that appointment girl! =)

Morgan Granfield, National Channel Manager, Birch