How Lorena Puica is Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women

Sep 23, 2022

Alliance of Channel Women is highlighting women who are Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women. We’re seeking nominations from the channel community for women – from the mailroom to the boardroom – who embody the oath in their words and actions.

Lorena Puica, Founder and CEO of sydTM (iamYiam), was nominated by Katrina Paglierani, Founder and Consultant at ExposeYourSaaS and Arya by Leoforce.

In what way(s) is your nominee an example of Living the ACW Advocacy Pledge of women supporting women?

Lorena has built a platform that supports all people in the workforce, allowing organizations to increase their employees’ overall quality of life. Simultaneously, she will enable women and others to bring their whole truth to the platform through greater GDPR-level guaranteed anonymity.

What is a specific example of what she did for you and when it happened?

Although I have not worked with Lorena directly, I greatly admire her personal challenges in bringing this vision into reality. I have interacted with her executive team, who speak highly of her mission and purpose.

I admire that she is a woman in the field of artificial intelligence, which is very important as AI infiltrates all parts of our business and personal lives.

Women need to have a voice in how we prioritize data and set values of various data points. What is more important, and what can be ignored, is set mainly by men, and we need women to impact how AI is set up to learn.

What impact did her action have on you and/or your career?

I believe she will have a huge and long-lasting effect on all women in business as an example of success in technology, specifically AI.

Additionally, her platform is designed to improve all employees’ quality of life as a whole and even offers a guarantee to the organizations involved that it WILL do just that. The tool is, and I have no skin in the game. I just appreciate the struggle, and her success is an example of what can be done by one woman to support the many.

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