Lift a Lady Up – Robin Clisso

Nov 22, 2017

Robin Clisso, Lift a Lady Up – November 2017

By Shaquille Fontenot

It is so rare to come across an individual who is naturally inspiring while being modest about it. Robin Clisso is one of those people. I wanted to lift this lady up because she is kind, resilient, and always positive.

Although Robin was originally nominated by Nancy Ridge (and several others), I wanted to write Robin’s feature because her philosophy has affected my life personally.

The first time I met Robin was at my first WiC event in 2016. There, during my stint at the registration table, I observed so many people coming up to her and asking questions about her health and her state of mind.

“How have you been?” They asked.

“Are you getting better?” They prodded.

Robin didn’t mind the questions at all. Things were looking up for her. After 6 rounds of chemo, she was on the verge of becoming completely cancer free! She had also recently welcomed her first grandchild, and was STILL active on 3 WiC committees including Membership, Events Planning, and PR (unofficially).

Before the event, she helped move tables, stuff gift bags, arrange name tags, and hang banners welcoming other ladies without a care.

As I learned her story, her tenacity inspired me even more. How could such a little lady have so much energy? How could she maintain her sanity, balance her health, and rise above the pressures of work, societal, and familial expectations?

Robin answered my question in a WiC Membership Matters blog. She said, “Our plates run over daily. When we are faced with the unexpected, such as a health ailment, it doesn’t mean goal-setting and success should stop. [My diagnosis] has not only motivated me to be the best that I can be, but also made me realize the strength I have.” Robin’s strength has continued to inspire me every day, despite my circumstances. There’s a quote from Malcom Forbes that says, “Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.” I don’t think Robin Clisso will ever be defeated, and the world is definitely better because of her.

Thanks for all you do, Robin!