Leveraging Social Media for Business Networking

Feb 20, 2012

Want to know how to leverage your social network to boost your sales revenue and professional success? Tune into this presentation by Rebecca Rosen, Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Training at Telepacific Communications: Leveraging Social Media for Business Networking.

In this presentation, Rebecca reviews the relevance of social media in today’s buying environment as well as how to create a roadmap for social network engagement. Her presentation is chalk full of compelling facts that sales professionals should know, such as:

By the time the supplier is engaged, the average B2B purchase decision is already 57% complete, and 10 information sources have already been consulted.

Rebecca Rosen has overarching responsibility for the TelePacific brand, customer acquisition, development strategies, and training. She joined TelePacific in 2001 and over the course of her tenure has played a key role in helping grow the company from $20M in revenues in 2001 to over $550 million today. With expertise in online marketing, Rebecca shares proven methods you can use to turn your social network into revenue. 

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