Leveraging the Merger of Telecom and Computer Channels, July 2017 Conference Call Recording with Tricia Wurts

Jul 6, 2017

Tricia Wurts, President, Wurts & Associates, Inc., will share on leveraging the merger of the Telecom and Computer channels.

This session is beneficial for all employee and  management levels responsible for indirect channel sales strategies, tactics and marketing.  It presents the reasons why VARs/MSPs are more critical to the telecom industry today.  Attendees will be presented:

  1. Models that explain how the 2 technology channels are merging and why
  2. The differences between the 2 channels and reasons they need to work together in order to recognize success
  3. Some examples of what is happening today – reinforcing the above
  4. First/second-step suggestions on tactics that can be implemented to leverage across both channels; some impact points for partner programs