Three Leadership Traits That Never Go Out of Style!

Aug 14, 2019


Twenty years ago, when I told people I was a coach, they assumed I was coaching an athletic team. In its infant stages the field was not understood. Fast-forward – the field has come a long way. Numerous research studies confirm what coaches already knew. By providing structure, feedback and accountability reaching goals is accelerated. It is safe to say that today coaching has gone mainstream. However, a lot of people call themselves coaches without understanding the basics of coaching and how it differs from advising. Well-meaning managers believe they are coaching direct reports toward improvement yet their counsel has a “do it my way” perspective, which is very different than a coaching perspective. While providing advice is often necessary for managers in many instances, it is important to know that it very different than coaching and, in some cases, not as sustainable in bringing about change. This article highlights the difference between advising and coaching and stresses the importance of training if coaching is indeed a skill set manager’s desire.

Cheryl Shapero