Keepin’ It Real with ACW Premiere: Diversity & Inclusion

Aug 3, 2020

Alliance of Channel Women is excited to announce the launch of a new virtual panel series called, “Keeping It Real with ACW!”

Every month, ACW will host a panel discussion featuring members and expertise on topics, such as empowering women, professional development and more.

Our first virtual panel is on Diversity and Inclusion. ACW was founded to promote diversity and inspire individual and corporate action. With this session, we hope to move the conversation forward.

Join us to hear stories from three ACW members on valuing diversity and inclusion and their challenges being women of color in business and society.

Diversity & Inclusion: Experiences of Women of Color

Moderator: Lauren Grenier, Granite
Su Beler, Technology Source
Mayka Rosales-Peterson, Telesystem
Raquel Wiley, TPx