How Lisa Conway is Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women

Dec 15, 2021

Alliance of Channel Women is highlighting women who are Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women. We’re seeking nominations from the channel community for women – from the mailroom to the boardroom – who embody the oath in their words and actions.

Lisa Conway, Vice President of Sales Operations and Strategic Alliances at Telos Corporation, was nominated by Charla Bunton-Johnson, Director of Partner Marketing and Programs at Telos Corporation.

In what way(s) is your nominee an example of Living the ACW Advocacy Pledge of women supporting women?

Lisa Conway is a rare gem as a woman in sales leadership. She wants to ensure that she praises those who go above and beyond and gives them public recognition. She will take a back seat so that others can shine for women and men alike.

What impact did her action have on you and/or your career?

Although I have only known Lisa for a very short time, her impact on my career at Telos Corporation has been wonderful. Lisa is collaborative, caring and likes to develop others’ leadership abilities.

Lisa always asks the question, “how can I help you” or “what do you think of…”. She is so open to new ideas and wants her team to succeed. I’m not personally in her line of direct reports, but I do enjoy working with her and feel like part of her extended team.

Lisa Conway is an example of the kind of leader and mentor that many strive to be – humble, fair, courageous and strong.

Want to Nominate a Woman Who is Living the ACW Pledge?
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ACW will accept nominations throughout the year and will recognize:

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