How Heather Tenuto is Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women

Mar 15, 2023

Alliance of Channel Women is highlighting women who are Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women. We’re seeking nominations from the channel community for women – from the mailroom to the boardroom – who embody the oath in their words and actions.

Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer at Zift Solutions, was nominated by Theresa Caragol, CEO and Founder at AchieveUnite.

In what way(s) is your nominee an example of Living the ACW Advocacy Pledge of women supporting women?

Heather Tenuto, CRO at Zift Solutions, is the first person willing to help someone, whether they’re looking for a job or trying to solve a complex problem. She reliably comes to the table with solutions.

Heather is multidimensional in her expertise, character and relationships. If you had a grid that measured relationship value on the Y axis and business value on the X axis, she is the rare person that measures up and to the right. She’s someone I deeply trust and who also offers great business insight. It’s an amazing part of who she is.

What is a specific example of what she did for you and when it happened?

I was interviewing Heather, who advises me about my work, for input on a client project. We ended up in a personal conversation where she shared lessons she had learned, taking our trusted relationship to the next level. Ultimately, I followed her advice, and it has impacted my entire life for the better.

She’s also helped me as a first-time CEO with advice on business strategy, service offerings and partnering strategy. She’s referred clients and employees to AchieveUnite and helped some of our team members with coaching conversations. She always shows up prepared with rich input and great insight.

What impact did her action have on you and/or your career?

Heather has had a significant impact on the success of my company. When COVID hit, we lost a lot of revenue practically overnight. Her advice helped us recoup that revenue and grow revenue with different products and services.

Heather is a great sounding board for me in challenging situations, and she’s helped me grow as a CEO. I now spend more time working on the business instead of in the business by being more discriminating about where and how I spend my time.

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ACW will accept nominations throughout the year and will recognize:

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