How Amy Bailey is Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women

Jun 24, 2022

Alliance of Channel Women is highlighting women who are Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women. We’re seeking nominations from the channel community for women – from the mailroom to the boardroom – who embody the oath in their words and actions.

Amy Bailey, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Telarus, was nominated by Lori Graber, Director of Billing and Order Management at Telesystem.

In what way(s) is your nominee an example of Living the ACW Advocacy Pledge of women supporting women?

Amy continually supports other women. She provides support and mentorship and is a great resource for bouncing ideas off. She’s always there for a quick chat, text or mental check when needed.

What is a specific example of what she did for you and when it happened?

Amy was one of the first members I had the pleasure of meeting at my first ACW event. I was new to the organization and volunteered to set up at one of the connect live events. Amy greeted me with a warm smile and put me right to work. As an introvert, walking into that setting gave me tremendous anxiety. As I tasked myself with stepping outside of my comfort zone that year, it was such a relief to have someone greet me with a warm welcome and show me the ropes.

What impact did her action have on you and/or your career?

Whether Amy has been fully aware or not, she has served as a mentor and a great resource to bounce ideas off of and provide guidance. She’s shown me that it’s ok to have our voices heard and tactfully manage through some difficult conversations. Amy is continually showing others that by lifting others, we are progressing forward. From pick-me-up texts during covid to handwritten notes, she is truly a class act, and I’m grateful to have her in my tribe!

Want to Nominate a Woman Who is Living the ACW Pledge?
Do you know a woman who has played a supportive role in your technology career, please tell us who she is and how she had your back!




ACW will accept nominations throughout the year and will recognize:

  • Every nominee in the monthly ACW Member Newsletter
  • Name a Big Impact Award Winner every quarter

For more information, visit ACW Advocacy Pledge.