The Holidays Are a Time for Giving and Good Cheer…

Nov 22, 2016

A Time to Remember Those That Support You Throughout the Year

As we approach the holiday season we reflect on our year and show gratitude to those that are near and dear. A season that kicks our social responsibility to give back into high gear – to organizations such as Women in the Channel that promote mentorship, education and the advancement of women across the industry.

To Our Members: let’s add Women in the Channel to our list of presents, resolutions or volunteer goals for the new year. Take a moment or send an email to ask your companies to give back to an organization that you revere.

To Our Prospective Sponsors: we value your business and would welcome your sponsorship with a good cheer.  The benefits of sponsorship are immeasurable; they are customizable, and certainly premier. Add a line item in your financials to give back to Women in the Channel this fiscal year. 

To Our Sponsors: THANK YOU for your support; it’s been a great year. We’ve doubled our membership and event participation year after year, and we couldn’t do that without your sponsorship.

Sponsorship Package information can be found here.

Happy Holidays to you and your families and a Happy New Year!

With thanks,


Sponsorship Co-Chair