Helping Resellers Build their Brand – May 16th Conference Call

May 8, 2019

There are many small resellers/partners that have a minimal website, are not on social media, and are struggling to reach new customers and grow. And they may not have the resources to hire a marketing person or firm to help them with their website, social media and ads.

After many lessons learned and marketing failings, the idea for a different platform – – was formulated. Debby will share how and why the platform was developed and the goals to help the channel:

  • What we have heard from the end users on working with vendors
  • Trying something new versus keep doing the same thing if people aren’t going to your website.
  • Learning about the options for showcasing your expertise versus relying on your vendor to build your brand



Debby has been a reseller/VAR in the document management space for 26 years. In September 2016, Mrs. Kruzic formulated the idea for a technology platform to connect resellers and end users. The platform was launched in January 2018. Ms. Kruzic has worked with many vendors and built her company to a million dollars in sales. Like many other reseller/VARs, she got struck at the 1 million dollar mark. That is when I started creation of because she felt like everything she was doing was not working. So my efforts went into and no longer into building the document management reseller company.

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