How Heather Murray is Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women

Mar 10, 2021

Alliance of Channel Women is highlighting women who are Living the ACW Pledge: Women Supporting Women. We’re seeking nominations from the channel community for women – from the mailroom to the boardroom – who embody the oath in their words and actions.

Heather Murray, Vice President of Transformation and Customer Journey at Tech Data, was nominated by Janet Schijn, CEO at JS Group.

In what way(s) is your nominee an example of Living the ACW Pledge of women supporting women?

Heather is a force of nature for women in the channel. She has coached and mentored so many women, not just by offering a phone call or advice but by digging in to help them.

What is a specific example of what she did for you and when it happened?

When I started my business up, after more than a decade back in the corporate world, Heather took the time to reach out and ask what it was all about. She then helped me promote my business in the channel and referred people to me for a conversation. This is how she is for other women in the channel regardless of title, role, or “level” – she just reaches in and provides real help.

What impact did her action have on you and/or your career?

Due in part to her help, JS Group had a very successful first year and an even more successful second year. Sure, some in the industry would say I did not need help, but that’s not true. We all need people in our court, encouraging us and cheering us on.

Want to Nominate a Woman Who is Living the ACW Pledge?

Do you know a woman who has played a supportive role in your technology career, please tell us who she is and how she had your back!


ACW will accept nominations throughout the year and will recognize:

  • Every nominee in the monthly ACW Member Newsletter
  • Name a Big Impact Award Winner every quarter

For more information, visit ACW Advocacy Pledge.