Finding Balance in the Workplace, May 2015 Conference Call with Bana Qashu

May 20, 2015

What is the mind body connection? How would achieving it affect your work? For many, achieving mind body balance in the workplace is an everyday goal.

Join Bana as she goes through the benefits of meditation, goal setting, stretching (yoga at your desk) and breathing techniques to achieve that balance today. 


About Bana Qashu

Bana is a channel sales manager at NetFortris, building the channel in the mid Atlantic and northeast.  Her role is to train, develop, recruit and support partners on the East coast and beyond.  Bana is also an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT200).

Bana defines success not only through personal achievement, but also by the success of those around her.  Her philosophy encompasses a dedication to personal development balanced with a dedication to her career, her family, and community.  Bana’s goal is not only to excel in her career, but to leave a legacy, influence others, achieve a mind-body balance, and enjoy life with loved ones.

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