Defining and Leaning Into the Experience to Win and Retain Clients – July 16 Webinar

Jun 18, 2020

Client Experience (CX) is having a moment right now.  Truth be told, many organizations confuse CX and Customer Service.  Many have simply rebranded to keep up with the times.  Offering good Customer Service is far from offering a good Client Experience.  In the As-a-Service world we live in today, CX means the difference between retaining a client or losing them.  In this world, it requires an understanding that what your client is experiencing may be different from what you are experiencing from your seat in the process.  CX is the value you add that the client didn’t even realize they needed.

1 – What IS Client Experience?

2 –  How investing in CX helps secure your revenue chain

3 – Where to start making a difference

This webinar – on Thursday, July 16, at 4pm ET/1pm PT – is open to all #WomenInTech, so please share this email with your friends and encourage them to become a part of the Alliance of Channel Women community.

Hope to see you at this important meeting.


Heather Campbell leads ARG’s Client Experience Team, bringing 23 years of industry experience to her team and ARG’s clients. During her tenure with ARG, Heather has built a reputation for being a passionate advocate for ARG’s clients and working with providers to improve the experience they deliver to their mutual clients. Every day, she works with her team to ensure our clients experience the full benefit of ARG. She drives her team to consistently deliver an amazing client experience by filling the gaps left by the providers. As part of her CXO role, she is spearheading ARG’s Value Realization process, which helps clients through the technology adoption process to full realization of the business outcomes they were expecting. In addition to her responsibility to our clients, she is also responsible for helping ARG maintain and propagate the corporate culture and environment that helped ARG become a Washington Post Top Workplace.

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