Choosing Sustainable Change Over New Years Resolutions

Dec 22, 2020

By Lindsey Meallo

With 2021 fast approaching, the ever-popular question of “What’s your New Year Resolution?” is filling my conversations. I have resolved to not partake in these resolutions due to my track record of falling off the wagon very early on.

If the worst kept secret is that New Year Resolutions fade away after a few weeks – why is the concept still prevalent in our culture?

Maybe it’s the romantic nature of believing in change. That habit you’ve always want to kick, well now is the time. New gym membership – hello toned arms! Your friend’s cousin is vegan, and it doesn’t look so bad. Who can resist the subtle seduction of a clean slate? Leave the past insufficiencies behind and start afresh, the shiny new you.

How about we replace those expectations with contemplations of why we feel the need to change in the first place. A few years ago, I set a resolution to spend less time on my phone – I was only going to look at the apps on the weekends. The unfortunate reality is that social media is unavoidable. When I reflect on my decision to make a resolution of this nature, it seems to revolve around a desire for personal connection. The solution is no quick fix of deleting Instagram. I’m better served focusing my energy on engagement with the world around me.

Maybe we need to take our resolutions and set realistic expectations. Starting fresh in a way that serves us and is possible based on our reality, not asking for permission of the New Year to do so. It seems change is more impactful with lifestyle shifts anyway, not 30-day challenges. Life is unpredictable… imagine making the resolution to “Get Out of the House More in 2020!” Yikes.

A problem cannot be resolved without first discovering the cause. My personal goal is to open myself up for self-reflection, to allow for the foundation of change to build. That takes more time, but I would rather see healthy and sustainable changes than kicking a habit within the first 30 days of 2021.

About the Author
Lindsey Meallo is Channels B.I. Commissions Analyst at Granite, an ACW Platinum Sponsor. Granite delivers one-stop communications solutions to multilocation businesses and government agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Granite is the leader in aggregating Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) and has extended its unique value proposition — “one company, one contact, one bill” — to include a range of advanced business communications services, including Internet access, SD-WAN, wireless WAN, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, mobile voice and data, mobile device management, managed security, network integration and much more. For more information, visit