Building a Majority Female Company in a Male Dominated Industry, June 15th Conference Call

Jun 1, 2017

Tatiana Finkelsteyn, Founder, IQ Wired Inc., will share on building a majority female company in a male dominated industry.

On Thu, June 15 at 1pm PST, join Tatiana Finkelsteyn for some great takeaways:

  • How to use being female to your advantage (ask for help, be memorable, play stereotypes)
  • What to look for in an organization (leaders? values based?)
  • How to build an organization (emergenetics, risk taking, ask questions, recognition)

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Tatiana is an entrepreneur who dreams big, gets things done and always gives back. She is an avid traveler and a learning junkie.

In 2003, she founded IQ Wired, a consulting company assisting businesses with audit, procurement, and management of telecom and IT services. Today, IQ Wired is one of the largest regional agencies with over 4,500 business clients, strong direct and indirect channels, and stellar industry reputation. IQ Wired built an incredible team and accomplished key milestones, including managing over $60M in annual telecom spend and winning the #1 Place to Work by Denver Business Journal. During her 13-year tenure as the CEO of IQ Wired she was an active member of several channel advisory boards for telecom providers including Comcast, CenturyLink and Integra.

In 2016, the team transitioned day to day operations of IQ Wired to its leadership team allowing her to have had an incredible opportunity to spend the year traveling. With her husband, she visited 27 countries, met with 62 businesses and got a once-in-a-lifetime perspective on the global business and social environments.

She currently supports IQ Wired as a chairman of the board as well as with strategic projects. She is also looking for new business ideas that combine technology, entrepreneurship and social impact.

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