Board Member Bita Milanian gets recognition in Telecom Review

Aug 18, 2014

It’s no surprise that Women in the Channel’s Board member and VP of Marketing, Bita Milanian gets a very well-deserved recognition in Telecom Review. We’re proud to push it forward because she knows what it means to lead the charge!

BitaMilania_WomenintheChannel_TelecomReviewThis amazing woman brings a wealth of knowledge and talent along with a steadfast commitment to forwarding Women in the Channel’s mission.

In Telecom Review’s interview, Bita is asked how women can empower their role in telecom.

“They can decide to be their best, regardless of their gender! That has always been my strategy and it has worked for me. That said, I recognize that based on the numbers alone (population and compensation) “telecom” is still a man’s world, so I have been an active contributor and supporter of Women in the Channel which provides education, networking opportunities, community and skills building, and more to the industry.” — Bita Milanian

Often, the main obstacle blocking us from realizing our full potential is ourselves. Great takeaway – Allow yourself to be brilliant.

For more great tips and insight into Bita’s career, read the FULL ARTICLE in Telecom Review!