Beyond the Board: A Conversation with ACW Leader Amanda Jardine

Dec 19, 2023

Editor’s Note: The Alliance of Channel Women (ACW) recently launched a new interview series, “Beyond the Board: Conversations with ACW Leaders,” to get to know ACW Board Members personally and professionally beyond their roles in the association. They share their journeys in the channel and lessons learned in one-on-one interviews with ACW’s Communications Committee members. The following blog features ACW Communications Committee Member Jennifer Redmond’s interview with ACW Board Member Amanda Jardine, Vice President of Partner Marketing at GoTo. 

By Jennifer Redmond

With more than two decades of channel experience, Amanda’s insights are invaluable, yet her influence extends beyond her professional achievements. Amanda has been a dedicated member of ACW since its inception, exemplifying the values that lie at the heart of the organization. As a co-chair of the ACW Education Committee, Amanda helps spearhead initiatives that drive ACW’s mission forward. In this interview, we explore how she, alongside her fellow board members, is shaping the narrative of “Living Boldly.”

Living Boldly: Overcoming Perfectionism, Taking Initiative, Advocating for Yourself

When I asked Amanda how she lives boldly, she advised women to overcome perfectionism, take initiative and advocate for themselves. She said women often work so hard towards perfection that they often lose out on potential opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Instead, Amanda advises women to let go of the belief that they must be perfect in everything. For example, she encourages them to apply for work positions even if they don’t meet 100 percent of the qualifications. “If this is something you want, you go after it,” she said. “It can’t hurt to throw your hat in the ring.”

Amanda also urges women to assert themselves professionally, ensuring their voices are heard and their ideas valued. “Make sure that you’re heard. Put your opinions out there. Put your thoughts out there. Put your ideas out there because they’re good ones,” she said.

Challenges for Women in the Channel and ACW’s Role

Next, we discussed the challenges for women in the channel and the role ACW can play in helping with those challenges.

“Women in executive or leadership positions in the channel are very underrepresented,” said Amanda, stressing the need to increase the number of women in higher positions and acknowledging that sometimes women are concerned that they don’t meet the qualifications for higher positions. Amanda encourages women to overcome self-doubt and apply for roles even if they don’t meet every qualification. She also emphasizes the importance of women recognizing the value of their ideas and not hesitating to share them

How can ACW Help? “I think ACW is a really good conduit for that because we all share these stories,” said Amanda, noting that ACW provides a platform for sharing stories and showcasing successful women leaders, offering valuable mentorship opportunities, and creating spaces for networking and learning from peers.

Demonstrating Bold Leadership in Complex Situations

I asked Amanda to share an example of taking initiative and bold leadership in her career and what she learned from this experience. She recounted a pivotal moment when she stepped in to lead her team after her boss left unexpectedly. This bold move not only protected her team’s work but also led to her promotion.

“That was great for [me], obviously, because it worked out. I got a promotion. But it was also great for our team because it protected us,” she said. Amanda’s proactive approach demonstrated her readiness to navigate the complex situation, safeguarding the team’s accomplishments.

Amanda encourages others to recognize opportunities for bold action and the importance of seizing the moment. “It’s about identifying those opportunities and either just stepping up because you know you’re doing the right thing or stepping up because you know potentially it could be a good career move for you that you may not get otherwise,” she said.

Contributing to Women’s Professional Growth: Mentoring and Support

Amanda actively participates in official mentorship programs facilitated by organizations like ACW and her previous company. During her career, she has mentored several people, especially interns, ensuring they understand the channel and how their skills can be applied in the industry.

She encourages interns (and others) to identify future career goals and tailor their experience to align with those goals. “Bring me a job description of something you want to do after this internship is over and we’ll make sure that we can check as many of these boxes as possible,” she said, explaining her approach.

Amanda’s mentoring efforts have yielded positive results, including the successful transition of interns into channel roles and the advancement of others in their careers. She said she finds great satisfaction in seeing the professional growth and success of individuals she’s mentored, whether they continue within the channel or pursue opportunities elsewhere. A driving force in her role on the ACW Education Committee is to help other women through mentorship and knowledge growth.

Amanda’s journey exemplifies a tenacious commitment to “living boldly” by advocating for self-worth, breaking free from perfectionism, championing mentorship and taking initiative. Her insights shed light on the challenges women face in the industry and the pivotal role of organizations like ACW in driving change. As the channel landscape evolves, Amanda’s vision of inclusivity and proactive leadership will shape its future, ensuring that the voice of every professional is not only heard but celebrated.

About the Author

Jennifer Redmond is the Director of Operations for Fusion Connect and a member of the ACW Communications Committee.