ACW Members Profiled in New Book on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Jun 29, 2020

Five members of the Alliance of Channel Women are featured in the new book, “How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader (While Crushing Your Goals),” by Cheryl O’Donoghue, an author, humanitarian and emotional intelligence (EQ) expert.

The book includes two parts – the first is a self-assessment to uncover your emotional intelligence attributes or “superpowers” and the second profiles 20 emotionally intelligent leaders.

“These are fascinating people who represent a diverse group of leaders of all ages and backgrounds,” said O’Donoghue in a press statement. “Many of us don’t know what emotional intelligence leadership strengths or superpowers we possess. When we read stories about others, we receive clues about our own emotional intelligence leadership abilities, as well as uncover new ways we can put those superpowers into action.”

The ACW Members profiled in the O’Donoghue’s book include:

All royalties earned from O’Donoghue’s books go to the charitable nonprofit Mission Sisters Who Work.