5 Ways to Stay Creative During Times of Uncertainty

Aug 24, 2020

By Michaela Bottino

This year has presented us with uncertainty in many ways. Currently, I find myself taking one day at a time, staying optimistic about the unknown, and remaining open to whatever may come. That being said, living in this new world has changed the way I consider my creativity.

A few months ago, I noticed my ideas were becoming stale and lacked vision, so I started evaluating ways I could get the juices flowing again, especially since I’m in a marketing role that requires creativity. Over the past few months, I’ve attempted new ways to nurture my creative side. After all, since the world has changed, I have to change along with it. Here are five ways I’ve nurtured my creativity. Perhaps these tips will work for you.

  1. Dabbling in Different Mediums
    I recently began working on my video editing, which has been an excellent addition to my company’s marketing efforts. It’s been fun to understand the depth of the video world, and is a new way to show the progress our team has made. The challenge has provided alternative ways of thinking I would not have considered beforehand.
  2. Asking New Questions
    With a primary focus on the digital space, I started asking teammates new questions to prompt ideas we have never explored before. My biggest issue was – how do we translate our messaging into the digital sphere? What does digital mean to us? After numerous responses, I could see a lightbulb go off for teammates and especially for me. These simple questions provided the energy to look at our team differently and look at our work differently, too.
  3. Reading Articles
    In times of the unknown, I look to what the telecom and IT channel is writing about to give me focus. Moreover, I keep tabs on Trusted Advisor and see how others respond to the world. These provide new ways for me to think about what creative choices I could make. I spend more time digging into what strategies other companies are executing, which also inspires me.
  4. Reviewing Past Content
    I often go through the archives of what we’ve accomplished beforehand, which gives me clarity as to what would work and not work in the future. Also, it helps me envision how much we have grown since then. It feels like a clean slate, a new beginning, and reminds me of what we are trying to accomplish.
  5. Testing Messaging
    I started thinking outside the box when it came to new content, especially on social media, since so much of what we’re doing is virtual now. I spend more time with new words, taking the time to discover a different part of the channel I hadn’t noticed before.

Finding ways to channel creativity makes a big difference in productivity and innovation. Thankfully, working with a supportive team allowed for these new ideas to formulate.

So, what ways are you keeping creative? What new techniques have you found to thrive at this time? If you haven’t discovered that yet, I hope my ideas can inspire you.

About the Author
Michaela Bottino is a Channel Sales Coordinator at Granite Telecommunications.
She has been working in the channel for seven months and is continuing to learn about the channel, the great work of Alliance of Channel Women and the driven people at Granite. In her free time, Bottino loves reviewing independent films and singing with her musical friends and family.