Sponsor Spotlight: Granite Telecom

Jun 28, 2020

The Alliance of Channel Women is an all-volunteer organization that relies on the generosity of its sponsors to fund programs – from networking events to mentoring and education to advocacy. We’re grateful for their support and pleased to introduce you to one of our longtime sponsors, Granite Telecom, which has sponsored ACW for six years and is Platinum Sponsor in 2020.

We interviewed Michaela Bottino, Channel Sales Coordinator at Granite, about the company, why it supports ACW and what it’s doing to promote opportunities for women.

What should ACW members know about your company?

For over 18 years, Granite has led the telecom industry in providing customers a fast, reliable network for their business. Granite helps customers source and manage the services that will help build their business and reduce operational complexities, saving them time and money.

With years of experience, Granite has been managing telco and cable companies for the best coverage across the United States. Historically, few companies wanted to attempt this, and instead focused on their own footprint. At Granite, we’ve developed the expertise and the processes required to become the premier provider for large multilocation rollouts.


Why do you support and sponsor ACW?

We support ACW because we believe that engagement is important for women in telecommunications and associated services. Having our voices be heard and sharing information that can advance our understanding gives us the ability to become even stronger in our careers.

Sponsoring Alliance of Channel Women allows Granite to recognize the dedication and contribution of our female teammates. Our commitment to ACW reflects Granite’s values in supporting equal opportunity for all individuals who wish to succeed in the telecom world.


How many of your employees are ACW members and how does ACW membership bring value to your employees?

Granite has three teammates who are active ACW members. ACW provides the ability for us to be empowered and builds a community of women who understand each other, creating a strong support system.


How is your company preparing/advancing women in leadership roles?

We take the time to support each other’s goals, nurturing the growth and opportunity for women at Granite. Our team is open and positive, making sure we maintain a great atmosphere for great success. Granite also gives women teammates the opportunity to take the ACW ACE Leadership course, which I recently completed and which allows for each individual to hone their voice and build their strengths in leadership roles.


How is your company promoting gender diversity?

Granite, over the years, has hired more women, giving them equal opportunities to their male counterparts. In 2019, Forbes recognized Granite as Best Employers for Diversity and Granite created a women’s group called “WECAN” (Women Empowered through Collaboration, Appreciation and Networking). WECAN offers a forum for women teammates to focus on personal and professional development.

How does gender diversity/female leadership bring value to your business?

Gender diversity and female leadership give Granite the opportunity to hear voices that have a different perspective, allowing for new leadership styles and creative problem solving.