• Membership Matters Cindy O'Connell

    Why Membership Matters to Cindy O’Connell

    ACW is home to a vibrant community of channel professionals from across the country. We enjoy getting to know them…

  • Diversity and Inclusion Matters

    Diversity & Inclusion Matters

    D&I matters. The tech industry holds the lowest number of women in entry and mid-level roles at just 19 percent…

  • LEAD Awards Winner Maureen O'Connell

    Meet 2020 LEAD Award Winner Maureen O’Connell

    Maureen O’Connell, Director of Partner Sales, Northeast Division at Comcast Business, was one of four women to receive the 2020 Alliance…

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    Why Membership Matters to Lisa Kay Miller

    In this month’s Membership Matters Q&A we’re getting to know Lisa Kay Miller, President, and COO of Spearhead Advisors Inc.,…

  • Be New Every Day

    ‘Be New Every Day’

    Nancy Ridge’s webinar on “Being High Powered” reminded me of why I joined ACW in the first place and what…

  • Learning from Positive Parenting

    What I Learned about Resolutions from ‘Positive Parenting’

    Learning the principles of “positive parenting” has led to breakthroughs in understanding in every dimension of my life. This philosophy…

  • ACW Sponsor Blog

    Set Your Intentions for the New Year

    The Alliance of Channel Women’s January theme is “Setting Intentions for the New Year,” so I’d like to share a…

  • From Surviving to Thriving in a Post Covid-19 World – February 18, 2021 Webinar

    Leadership Strategies from the Trenches We’ve made it through to 2021 but there will be more challenges for us to…

  • What I Learned in 2020 That Gives Me Hope for 2021

    What I Learned in 2020 That Gives Me Hope for 2021

    By Lisa Miller By reflecting on the past, we can feel hopeful about the future, which means it’s time to…

  • ACW Helped Me Find a Path to a New Mindset

    ACW Helped Me Find a Path to a New Mindset

    By Bridget Kang I’ve been an ACW member since March 21, 2018. My manager was a member and suggested that…