ACW ACE Leadership Program

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Inspiring Channel Leaders

ACW’s North Star is helping women advance their channel careers and take on leadership roles. With that in mind, we partnered with channel advisory firm AchieveUnite to give our members executive-level leadership training at exclusive member rates with the ACW ACE Leadership Program. Today, the program is one of the most popular benefits of ACW membership. Classes fill up fast!

Get to Know the ACW ACE Leadership Program

In 2018, we launched the ACW ACE Leadership Program to help our members on their path to:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment

The program is ideal for ACW members who are:

  • Passionate about personal and professional development
  • Driven to achieve the next level in their career
  • Seeking to expand their leadership and channel knowledge
  • Looking to build a community and network of like-minded professionals

The ACW ACE Leadership Program brings women together in peer-group discussions to learn from each other and grow as channel professionals and leaders. Classes include:

  • Online access discussion prep materials
  • Easy-to-follow assignments with progress tracking
  • An online forum for members to chat and collaborate on coursework
  • Weekly 90-minute virtual discussions weekly facilitated by AchieveUnite professional business coaches and trainers


ACE Channel Leadership Program

ACE is facilitated by women, for women — we’ve walked in your shoes and understand your challenges and ambitions.


Choose from Two Tracks (or Take Both!)

The ACW ACE Leadership Program has been a huge success, with hundreds of graduates and counting. Based on feedback and popular demand, in 2021, we’ve expanded the program to include two complementary tracks. We’ve nicknamed them “ACE ME” and “ACE WE” because they focus on developing personal leadership skills and organizational leadership skills, respectively. The sessions build on each other but can be taken independently as well.


Leadership by Influence


Identify and develop the personal skills you need to be a channel leader.

Class Time: 90 minutes per week
Prep Time: 60 minutes per week
Session Length: 8 Weeks

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The We of Leadership


This professional leadership development course incorporates topics that women in business navigate every day.

Class Time: 90 minutes per week
Prep Time: 60 minutes per week
Session Length: 6 Weeks

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ACW ME Leadership Program

ACE: Leadership by Influence

ACE ME is a professional leadership development course covering strategies women in the channel can use every day.


  1. Defining authentic leadership
  2. Inspiring others to action
  3. Harnessing your strengths and building your brand
  4. Having difficult conversations
  5. Understanding influence and negotiation
  6. Embracing effective decision-making
  7. Making your voice heard
  8. Wrapping it all together


  • Create a personal and authentic brand of leadership
  • Build your personal channel leadership roadmap
  • Develop new behaviors in alignment with being a strong leader
  • Navigate challenging relationships

Here’s What ACW Members Are Saying About ACE ME

“When I started this program, I would never have thought I would get so much out of the eight weeks, but I can tell you they have completely changed my life!”

Erin, Senior Program Manager

“I have learned so much from this course. No one else has ever been able to get through to me the same way that you have. Vital pieces of information that now seem obvious and are essential to career [and] leadership success simply didn’t register prior to your course, such as the importance of soft skills and relationships, for example.”

Rebecca, Product Marketing Manager

“The ACE leadership program is great for any woman in the channel. I truly feel like part of a small community. … I am leaving the program with more confidence in myself and my career in the channel. … Challenging conversations, negotiation and your brand go far beyond who you are as a professional. I now feel empowered and have a clear vision for my future.”

Alyson, Channel Sales Manager

“After eight weeks, I feel more prepared, confident and empowered than ever before, and I know this program will be the springboard for my future success.”

Jamie, Director of Mobility

ACE: The We of Leadership

ACE WE extends the lessons learned in ACE ME about improving your personal leadership intelligence to building skills for leading as part of teams.


  1. Aligning your purpose with others in your organization
  2. Creating a results-oriented culture through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
  3. Learning how to strategize to ensure optimal business results
  4. Optimizing internal teams and your role as an individual contributor, manager, or executive
  5. Developing trusted external relationships that deliver value and success
  6. Becoming a change agent and the influencer of influencers for your company


At the conclusion of the program, each participant will present a Capstone Project demonstrating ways to apply course learnings in their workplace.

ACW WE Leadership Program

ACW ACE Leadership Program Rates & Dates

  • Executives typically pay thousands of dollars to belong to peer groups that meet only once a month.
  • ACW is bringing members a weekly program for only $1,295!
  • In two months or less, you’ll be on your way to a better and brighter future as a channel leader!

Exclusive ACW Member Discount Pricing


ACW Members
Save 45%+

(Regularly $2,250)

Next session starts:
September 28, 2021

Exclusive ACW Member Discount Pricing


ACW Members
Save 50%+

(Regularly $2,650)

Next session starts:
October 26, 2021

Additional ACW Sponsor Discounts

ACW’s Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsorships include complimentary ACE ME or ACE WE passes.

Contact for the promo code.

Additional sponsor tickets may be purchased for $895. Promo code required.

*ACW is committed to giving as many members as possible the opportunity to participate in the ACW ACE Program. We’re underwriting a limited number of scholarships for members who are interested in participating and cannot afford to pay the fee personally and are unable to be reimbursed by their employers. To be considered for a scholarship, please email explaining your situation. ACW ACE Scholarships are not guaranteed; applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.


Email the ACW Education Committee for assistance.