Channeling Greatness With The Mentoring Program

Statistics from numerous sources point to declining numbers of women in the IT and technical fields. We can all attest to the lopsidedness of gender in our business meetings, at our conferences and certainly at the ownership/Board levels. The Alliance of Channel Women mentorship program provides a positive, enriching experience to offset those industry truths.

Based on polling from Alliance of Channel Women Events in Orlando, Chicago, and Las Vegas, we have learned that many of us never considered being a mentor or mentee for one simple reason— no one ever asked us. We also believe we don’t have the time to invest in ourselves in this way.

Consider that numerous studies show that this investment (yes ladies, it’s an investment in you!) has big payoffs! For mentors, it’s an excellent way to give back, to sharpen your skills through working with someone else and to start building a legacy. There are other more tangible paybacks, too. Women who are involved in a mentoring program are much more likely to grow their businesses, get promoted and be invited to the leadership table.

  • This mentoring program has been a guiding light in both my personal and professional life. My mentor created an open forum in which we could both talk about our experiences freely. This fostered almost immediate growth. I got the affirmation I needed, but also learned valuable lessons that came from my mentor's expertise. Entering into this program has been one of the best choices I have made in my professional career and I highly recommend it.
    Lauren Sander, Legacy SolutionsParticipant in the first WIC mentoring round

Although this particular study speaks to those of us who are employed in corporations, the numbers translate to increases in growth and revenue for the entrepreneur as well!

Laura Bernstein, former chair of the Alliance of Channel Women Mentoring Committee, participated in our first round of mentor/mentee pairings in 2012. Through her experience and vision, and collaboration with the women of CompTIA, she has created a handbook for Alliance of Channel Women members that outlines our Mentoring Program.

Please take a moment to look through it and consider giving your career and your life a boost today!

Mentoring Handbook

Ready to get started, or want to see what mentoring entails? Click to download the Alliance of Channel Women Mentoring Handbook below!

Alliance of Channel Women Mentoring Handbook CTA