Creating & Developing Our Group

Alliance of Channel Women Has Ten Active Committees

Tired of the old hierarchy, we have chosen to structure our group by creating committees with specific service commitments who will collaborate with a Board. We see this structure as a working example of how collaboration can function and deliver results that reflect the overall group vision. Here are the active Alliance of Channel Women Committees:

  • Membership
  • Events Planning
  • Web & Tech
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Newsletters
  • Awards
  • Sponsorship
  • Mentoring
  • Outreach
  • Local Chapters

Other benefits include: rotation of Committee Chairs and members to avoid burn out and the old paradigm of one or two people doing all the work for a group. We think this structure will keep us fresh and enthusiastic. We also believe that participation is the lifeblood of any successful group. This format allows more women to participate in creating and sustaining the programs and activities make us Alliance of Channel Women.

Good leadership is a necessity. No matter how well we design our structure or how passionate we are about our vision, we cannot thrive or survive without good leadership. Identifying and engaging dedicated leaders must be a constant activity. Since our Committees are the heart of Alliance of Channel Women and the place where all activities originate, each Board Member and Committee Chair must constantly be in the process of identifying, training or turning over their service commitment. As we do this, our (3) areas of focus will happen organically; we will collaborate with women we may never have met to grow our sphere of influence and our business, we will connect as women and support one another and we will find opportunities to mentor or be mentored.

Experience what it’s like to be on a committee at Alliance of Channel Women! In this video you’ll hear all about the benefits! Thank you for BEING Alliance of Channel Women.

Interested in Joining a Committee?

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Committee Specific Details

Local Chapters: View event calendar.