Creating & Developing Our Group

Get Involved. Support Our Mission. Grow Your Career.

Dear ACW Member,

The Alliance of Channel Women is an all-volunteer organization rooted in the belief that participation unites us as members, advances our charter and promotes our personal brands.

ACW offers you many opportunities to participate through Operational Committees that are closely aligned with our Board of Directors, so we stay true to our mission: To advance careers and leadership roles for women at the highest levels in the technology channel by providing education, community, advocacy and opportunities for personal growth.

Participation in ACW Committees has proven to offer you the connections, experience and resources that can advance your career and open up leadership opportunities in the channel.

We’ve purposefully created our Committees with specific service commitments to support our group while making your experience as an ACW Member more fulfilling and enriching. It’s a working example of how collaboration can deliver results that reflect the overall group vision.

We encourage you to learn more about our active ACW Committees listed below and take the next step to get involved.



What does the Membership Committee do?

Our Membership Committee is the face of ACW … literally. Committee members personally welcome and onboard new ACW Members, learning what they hope to gain from their membership and helping them reach those goals through our programs, volunteerism and member connections.  We’re also responsible for curating new member benefits, recruiting new members and managing renewals. The Membership Committee also has liaisons with all other Committees to ensure that members’ voices are heard.

Why join the Membership Committee?

There are many reasons to join the Membership Committee, but the primary one is the opportunity to make one-to-one connections with other women in the channel. These are relationships that will deepen and grow over time, leading to career opportunities or lasting friendships. Another reason to join is to provide the critical link between our members and our leadership, so that ACW continues to provide valued programs and benefits.


What does the Sponsorship Committee do?

Our Sponsorship Committee is responsible for funding our organization, which enables member programs, including events, education, mentoring, outreach and more. We seek annual sponsorships from industry organizations (e.g., service providers, distributors, media, etc.) that support our mission and/or want to reach the high caliber of channel women who belong to our group.

Why join the Sponsorship Committee?

If you’re experienced at sales or want to learn more about it, selling sponsorships is for you! Talking about ACW and our mission is a great ice breaker and many organizations are eager to learn more about how they can help. Plus, it’s a great way to grow your contacts in the channel, either in number or depth.


What does the Education Committee do?

Our Education Committee plans ACW’s monthly member webinars and special educational programs. Committee members select topics and speakers for our monthly calls and work with Communications and Web & Tech committees to promote attendance. In 2018, the Education Committee piloted the ACE Leadership Program and plans to expand the professional development sessions to reach more members going forward.

Why join the Education Committee?

As a member of the Education Committee you can have an impact on the future of women in STEM roles by educating them and connecting them with women who’ve already jumped the hurdles to developing a successful career. It’s fulfilling and inspiring! On the practical side, you’ll also get experience running the webinar meeting platform and using our email broadcast app to invite members to attend educational events.


What does the Communications Committee do?

Our Communications Committee promotes ACW’s mission by evangelizing our programs, highlighting our members and fostering dialog and community through traditional, digital and social media. Specifically, committee members work with the ACW Board, Committees and Membership to create, curate and amplify content about the group, our initiatives, women in tech and channel women through our own and third-party websites, events, publications and social media channels.

Why join the Communications Committee?

Our Communications Committee needs all hands on deck to spread the word about ACW! If you already have experience – or want to gain some – in marketing, media relations, social networking, or communications, this is committee for you. We never run out of press releases, blogs, social posts, newsletters, web pages, emails, etc., to create and distribute. If you want to build up your portfolio, meet editors or learn new skills/apps, we’d love to have you.


What does the Newsletter Committee do?

Our Newsletter Committee’s primary focus is keeping ACW Members in the loop about our initiatives with a monthly email newsletter. We work closely with other ACW Committees to get the latest updates on our activities. We curate content posted to the ACW Website and create original content usually around a monthly theme. We also edit, post and create graphics to showcase our member stories, events and achievements.

Why join the Newsletter Committee?

As a member of the Newsletter Committee, you’ll learn what it takes to put together a monthly publication, including editorial planning, how to use email, web and design apps and how to sweat a deadline! You’ll also have opportunities to create original content by polling members, writing blogs and designing graphics. Plus, you get the perk of always being the first to know!


What does the Local Chapters Committee do?

Our Local Chapters Committee takes all of the benefits of ACW and focuses them regionally, enabling ACW Members to network and collaborate in their local markets expand relationships with other women in the channel who are close to home.  Local Chapter meetings complement our biannual national gatherings with additional face-to-face interaction and education.

Why join the Local Chapters Committee?

ACW is a grassroots organization that draws strength from hundreds of individual women in the channel – not all who are able to participate on a national stage. As part of the Local Chapters Committee, you’ll be widening our net and making ACW stronger. And, from a personal perspective, you’ll learn how to plan events, work with speakers and sponsors, use event management software and get to know valuable contacts in your city or state, which may lead to sales or career opportunities down the road.


What does the Event Planning Committee do?

ACW hosts two major networking events every year — one at each of the Channel Partners events in the spring and fall. The Event Planning Committee handles all pre-show, onsite and post-show management and execution for all aspects of the event, including registration, set up, agenda, speakers, audio/video, food/beverage, floor plans, third-party vendors and décor.

Why join the Event Planning Committee?

The secret of successful events is managing all the details. There are literally hundreds of moving parts. If you’re detail-oriented or just love it when a plan comes together, the Event Planning Committee is a great option for you. If you’re new to events, it’s a great skill to learn for professional and personal occasions. And, if you’re a veteran, you know many hands make lighter work. Plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing your ideas realized and, literally, applauded!


What does the Web & Tech Committee do?

The Web & Tech Committee manages and maintains the official ACW Website, ensuring SEO for discoverability, enabling new features and updating content to support activities of the Operational Committees. The Committee also handles a variety of external integrations, such as membership management, event scheduling, payment processing, and more in efforts to support ACW Membership, its benefits and Committee needs.

Why join the Web & Tech Committee?

Every year, we’re asking more and more of our Web & Tech Committee, so we’re always on the hunt for members who have some prior experience with web development, digital marketing or content management systems to make our dreams a reality. It’s a great way to practice and expand your skills in a friendly and super fun environment where you’re able to utilize your creativity to solve problems, be lauded for your efforts and take pride in the contributions you make, to ensure an awesome and more meaningful experience for ACW’s members.


What does the Outreach Committee do?

The Outreach Committee builds strategic relationships with industry and women’s groups, associations and corporations to further the ACW messaging and brand. Members participate as speakers, panelists and moderators as well as ambassadors of ACW at events run by strategic partners.

Why join the Outreach Committee?

Participating in the Outreach Committee provides opportunities to network with purpose, meeting other women who share our values around female leadership in technology while keeping key conversations like diversity, negotiating for success and mentorship alive in our industry.


What does the Mentoring Committee do?

Mentoring is one of ACW’s founding pillars. The Mentoring Committee strives to improve and grow our mentoring program. We search out incredible mentors and encourage inspiring mentees to pair together in productive relationships. We also work closely with other ACW Committees to grow and promote the mentoring program.

Why join the Mentoring Committee?

As part of the Mentoring Committee, you’ll bring amazing women together and be part of making a difference not only in their professional careers but also their personal lives. You’ll also learn and build on best practices for successful mentoring relationships that you can use as a blueprint for reaching your own goals.


What does the Awards Committee do?

Our Awards Committee manages the annual LEAD and ACT awards programs, for exceptional female channel leaders and outstanding volunteers, respectively. Our activities include overseeing the nomination process, winner selection and awards presentations at the Channel Partners spring and fall events. The Committee works closely with the Web & Tech Committee to collect nominations and with the Communications Committee to promote the call for nominations and the winners.

Why join the Awards Committee?

As a member of the Awards Committee, you have a hand in not only celebrating the successes of women in the channel, but defining what success means and inspiring others to follow that path. From a practical standpoint, you’ll learn how to manage an awards process, coordinate publicity and execute the presentation. And, you’ll get the chance to add the award winners, who are leaders in the industry, to your ACW network.